Meet Your B2B & B2C Copywriter - and Grantwriter



Do you manufacture gardening and landscape supplies?


I specialize in B2B marketing of gardening and landscaping supplies. I focus primarily on items ranging from garden plants and tools and from lawnmowers to small tractors. 


Working with clients is the best part of being a copywriter.


As a Master Gardener, I am one of your clients and know about your business. I've read your sales copy, brochures, and marketing literature. Many of my purchasing decisions are based on that copy.


For the past 35 years ... I've been your ideal customer. Your target market.


Work experience as a public information specialist for a state government agency has honed my writing skills.


Work for a non-profit agency enables me to write grants and serve as a public relations director.


I've been studying, training, and improving my business-to-business copywriting skills as well. My studies have been with American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI).


This intensive training has deepened and sharpened my copywriting and marketing expertise.


What does all this mean to you?


It means you get a qualified copywriter who understands your industry, your products, and your services. One who understands what makes your ideal customer tick.


An experienced writer who doesn't need a lot of handholding. A writer who can hit the ground running on your project.


I will take your business just as seriously as you take it.


Whether writing direct-mail marketing, emails, newsletters, press releases, or working as an internet search specialist, you get my best work.


It's what I do ... and it's what you deserve.


Your vision. My writing. Your increased sales.


Let's Talk.

                  Contact me at 803-237-8156