About Me

Four years of my childhood were spent on a Midwestern farm. My dad had two huge Percheron draft horses to work the land, and my mother had a garden that covered an entire acre.

That is where and how I learned to enjoy digging in the dirt. All my ancestors were farmers who worked hard and loved the land.

I'm not a farmer but I am a Master Gardener who loves to plant shrubs and flowers. I understand your business, and I am one of your clients.

My ancestors were hard-working, and because of that heritage, I'm a hard worker who loves a challenge and am eager to put in the effort to make your clients happy.

My love of gardening makes me an expert on gardening and tools and the ideal writer for you.

I have years of writing as a public information specialist and public relations director.

I've learned the copywriting craft from American Writers and Artists (AWAI). This intensive training has deepened and sharpened my copywriting and marketing expertise.